Aiers' Enclave


  • Date of Formation: 1st December. 1963
  • Area: 16, 579 Sq. Km.
  • Capital: Kohima.
  • Population: 19, 88, 636
  • Neighboring States: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh & Manipur.
  • Neighboring Country: Myanmar.
  • Chief Minister: Neiphiu Rio

About Nagaland

A land of clouds, mountains, serpentine rivers, valleys strewn with flowers and colourful people, Nagaland is located in India’s Northeast.
Topographically, Nagaland is a hilly region with Saramati being the highest peak at 3841 meters. The total area of the state is about 16,527 sq km, with a population of about 1.9 million. The average summer temperature is about 31 degree centigrade and winter is about 4 degree centigrade.

The Nagas are by race of Mongoloid stock and speak a Tibeto-Burman group of languages. There are 16 major tribes that constitute the Naga people, besides a number of other sub-tribes. Each major tribe has got its own language and communication across tribe’s takes place in a language called ‘Nagamese’ that is a mix of various indigenous and other Indian languages. The Nagas are amiable by nature and hospitable to guests. The uniqueness of their hospitality lies in the fact that they consider the safety, security and satisfaction of their guests as a matter of honour and prestige.