Aiers' Enclave


  • Date of Formation: 1st December. 1963
  • Area: 16, 579 Sq. Km.
  • Capital: Kohima.
  • Population: 19, 88, 636
  • Neighboring States: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh & Manipur.
  • Neighboring Country: Myanmar.
  • Chief Minister: Neiphiu Rio

About Dimapur

Dimapur was once upon a time an ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, whose rule existed about before the thirteenth century AD. Reminiscences of the glory of this kingdom can be found in the ruins that are scattered in and around the town. These ruins give evidence of a culture that probably had a touch of Hinduism, but were predominantly non-Aryan. Besides monoliths, Dimapur contains other ruins of temples, embankments and baths.

Some of the places tourists can visit around Dimapur town are:-

Rangapahar Reserved Forest

Dimapur houses the Rangapahar Reserved Forest (20.20 hectares) in its vicinity. It is home to many animals and birds like the Myna, Sparrow, Cuckoo, Sunbird, Parrot, Parakeet, Robin, Quail, Wood-Pecker, Hornbill, Swift Hawk, etc besides various other colourful Wrens. Varieties of animals like the Snakes, Monkeys, Tigers, Deer, Porcupine, Squirrels etc. also make this reserve a nature lover’s haven.

Hong Kong Market

For decades Hong Kong Market has arguably been the favourite shopping destination for Nagas as well as for people of nearby Assam and Manipur. With the hundreds of ‘foreign goods’ stalls, Hong Kong market has something to offer for everyone. Interestingly, majority of shops in Hong Kong Market is owned by Tibetan business owners although now-a-days locals have joined in.  It is similar to the shopping experience in the streets of Bangkok. It has trendy clothing, shoes and accessories. Electronic items of the latest kind that are made in Taiwan and China are a treat for those that want it cheap. Haggling about the price in Hong Kong Market can be an interesting aspect of your visit here. Depending upon one’s patience and negotiation skills it is possible that one could get away with paying one third of the quoted price.



Dimapur has quite an interesting mix of restaurants, lounges and cafes. Nightlife shuts down by 10pm. However, being a very small town, one could explore by walking around. It makes a good time to stop by for a beer, lunch or a coffee in order to get a feel of these hip and happening places.
Most of the restaurants serve up Chinese or Indian dishes but there are interesting little food stalls that serve local dishes that specialize in the different tribal food such as Sumi, Ao, and Lotha etc.

Local Daily Market

A visit to the Local daily market can be quite a beautiful experience. The locals bring in their farm, field and forest products for sale. It is around here that one can see a variety of vegetables and spices that are native to the state such as the world’s hottest chilly called the "King Chilly". Apart from the food items, there are numerous other handmade items of interests that are for sale. Nearby are lines of souvenir shops. It is a typical environment which will leave any visitor charmed